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We Need Paul Green’s Voice

Reprinted with permission of the Paul Green Foundation. From THE FACE OF NORTH CAROLINA Foreword Three hundred years ago the pioneers and dreamers came into this land of ours— the strong men, the weak of will, the cranks, the idealists, the rabble, the hopeful and despairing—and all were hunting for a newer life, a better […]

Literary Trails Author Georgann Eubanks Responds to Proposed NCAC Cuts

It is my understanding that the legislature is considering drastic cuts to the budget of the North Carolina Arts Council. This seems particularly dangerous at this time since so many small towns depend on the arts for the tourists they bring to our state. I know because I have traveled to all 100 counties since […]

Fresno Superintendent Gives $800,000 in Salary

Check out this article.  The Fresno Superintendent gave 2.5 years worth of salary back to the system to support programs he believes are important including the arts.  This will inspire you.

Arts Specialty License Plate On Sale Now

This is a story of intense drama and political intrigue, one that occupied the passions and resources of mostly good people.  The plot spans four years, during which time hopes were raised and dashed, budgets were made and broken, and Lucy just kept putting the football in front of Charlie Brown.  Then one day he […]

A Long and Winding Road

As the 2011 General Assembly draws to a close, the staff and Board of Arts North Carolina send a hearty thank you and congratulations to all arts advocates  who helped move our industry forward in the toughest of environments.  Among the key achievements you accomplished are: •             Grants funding to the North Carolina Arts Council […]


what happened…We had an amazing Arts Day.  On the same day, the House General Government Chair proposed a budget that cut grants programs of the North Carolina Arts Council by 23%.  Arts advocates were outraged and wrote/spoke in record breaking numbers.  Representative John Torbett supported partial restoration to arts grants and historic sites.  General Government […]

Art and Identity

The following is a re-posting from New Hampshire.  This state is fighting the elimination of their Department of Cultural Resources and State Arts Council.  Substitute the words “North Carolina” for New Hampshire.  We are all connected in our advocacy. by Christine Dwyer, Portsmouth city councilor, former chair of Art-Speak, recipient of the 2011 Governor’s Arts Award […]