Arts North Carolina


ARTS North Carolina’s primary function is to provide advocacy training, organization, strategy, and events that create a dynamic, united, and powerful grassroots voice for the arts in North Carolina. We speak wherever there is need.

ARTS North Carolina’s Board of Directors works throughout the year to develop our Legislative Agenda. Depending on the every-other-year “long” session (begins January 2011) or “short” session (begins in May 2012), the Legislative Agenda is adopted 6 weeks prior to Arts Day and is a compilation of industry needs, political will, timing, and external circumstances. The Legislative Agenda most typically focuses on grants funding for the North Carolina Arts Council and statewide arts education policy. Other issues are included as they arise such as securing 3% gross receipts exemption for arts nonprofit organizations.

We believe that all advocacy is local. Voter-to-elected-official is the most effective strategy to sustain arts funding and policy whether at the local, state, or federal level. The more individuals who get involved, the more effective we will become. Click here to get connected now.

Advocacy does not have a beginning or ending point. As in good fundraising, the “ask” is the culminating moment of a developed relationship.