Arts North Carolina

Who We Are

We are North Carolina’s statewide advocacy organization for the arts; a 501(c)(3) organization governed by a statewide Board of Directors. ARTS North Carolina calls for equity and access to the arts for all North Carolinians, unifies and connects North Carolina’s arts communities, and fosters arts leadership. We speak for the arts wherever there is need.

We Believe:

  • The arts make money for North Carolina.
  • The arts create jobs in North Carolina.
  • The arts revitalize North Carolina‚Äôs cities and towns.
  • The arts improve public education and are a “ready now” strategy for 21st Century Skills training.
  • The arts are a long-standing identity for North Carolina. We are The Creative State.
  • The arts help us connect to and understand cultures different from our own.
  • The arts change lives.