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Arts and the Empty Downtown

It’s 5:15 and I am gazing out my office window over the central block of historic downtown Lumberton, located about 40 minutes south of Fayetteville. I have a great view from my lovely office on the second floor of the recently restored Carolina Civic Center historic theater, a smallish (seats 440) arts center that first […]

Bigger Picture

Bigger Picture If you want a clue about what people value, look at how they spend money. If our governmental systems spend the majority of our tax dollars on education, and those systems pay lip service to the arts, what does it say to the community at large about the value of the arts to […]

Institute for Emerging Issues – Creativity in Education

Judy Osborne, Theatre Educator from Southern Pines, will serve on a panel at the Emerging Issues Forum facilitated by Governor Jim Hunt. The panel will explore creativity in education, and Judy’s “small” task is to represent the importance of arts education. Obviously, that subject cannot be adequately covered in an hour, even if she had […]

Arts Accessibility and Inclusion Workshops

Arts Access, in partnership with the North Carolina Arts Council, is offering arts organizations across the state the opportunity to learn more about accessibility for people with disabilities. Gather with others in the field seeking information and resources for achieving accessibility to share experiences and learn methods that will build a foundation to support access […]

ARTS Day 2010 – Mark Your Calendars Now!

ARTS Day 2010 will be held May 18 & 19, and more than any year in our history, it is imperative that people come to Raleigh and demonstrate their support for public funding for the arts.  Since 2010 is an election year, it is essential to establish the presence of arts in election issues. Did […]

If the Arts Are Such An Economic Driver, Why Is It So Difficult To Obtain Support?

All of us have seen the studies and reports: Nationally, the nonprofit arts and culture industry generates $166.2 billion in economic activity every year—$63.1 billion in spending by organizations and an additional $103.1 billion in event-related spending by their audiences. Additionally the nonprofit arts and culture industry provides: 5.7 million full-time equivalent jobs $104.2 billion […]

Early Sunday Morning

Jack the dog is incapable of resetting his internal clock when it’s vacation time, and so it was that I came to have the tv on at 5:45am on Sunday. I wasn’t sure whether to wake the household up laughing, throw tennis shoes at the screen, or take an antidepressant. 30 seconds of… “Starving artist […]